BIS Final Year Project – 14th Innovative Systems Exhibition hosted in UCC

This year’s Innovative Systems Exhibition in UCC on March 10th showcased Business Information Systems (BIS) final year students’ ability to apply technologies to common business challenges.

The Innovative Systems Exhibition offered a great opportunity to get some fresh ideas and approaches to the application of today’s technologies to the efficient and effective management of information. It was also an opportunity to meet and talk to the students themselves, and to discuss how their ideas and experience might be translated into an industrial context.

115 BIS A

This year’s final year projects covered a variety of applications including:

  • A nutrition management app for endurance sports
  • An interactive visual activity schedule for children with special needs
  • A swing performance analyser for golfers
  • A data centre mapping tool for servers highlighting location and rack position
  • An outfit assistant and fashion ideas generator
  • An event ticketing app for amateur music promotion
  • A sales lead generator with integrated news feed

What our visitors said:

“I was really impressed with the FYPs that I saw. The energy and enthusiasm that that existed was great to witness – there was such a great buzz – it was infectious! The most heartening aspect of your exhibition lay in the diversity that was present. BIS is a broad church and it was good to see that so many of you were able to find, if not your niche, your broad direction.

I met people who have shown amazing understanding of data and how to create meaningful value from it – Data Scientists in waiting. On the other hand, other students showed great talent in the area of marketing / sales and branding in the context of ICT – business development / Marketing people of the future. Others demonstrated an amazing understanding of the business area of their FYP and how to use ICT for advantage – entrepreneurs of the future!

Above all so many of you showed that you have great confidence in yourself and you abilities – keep believing in yourself and your ability to find contentment in what ever road you decide to travel.”


“The future certainly seems bright with such innovation and positivity flowing from the Department.”


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