UCC International Pre-Departure Blog Series: Why Ireland?

UCC International Students

In my last post, I discussed the many routes my life could have taken.

Today, I want to focus not on what could have been, but what is.

Mere months ago, I was completely blindsided by the opportunity to study at University College Cork. It was a risk, and, for once in my (control freak) life, I took it.


Here are five reasons why moving to Cork is the best thing that could’ve happened to me right now:

  1. Tradition

One of my itty-bitty pet peeves is when people mistakenly think of Ireland as part of the UK. It’s not quite “up there” with considering Africa a country, but it irritates me nonetheless. It isn’t just an error of geography; it discounts nearly 8 centuries of (largely unwanted) English and British rule followed by a war of independence and the declaration of Ireland as a free state.

Irish people (let alone…

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